Meet Mike of Mike's Drywall Service, Inc. in Fountain Hills, Arizona

The owner of Mike's Drywall Services, Inc. is Michael S. Kochen. He began his career in the home remodeling business in 1978 alongside his father, at the young age of 13. Through the next five years of working with his dad, he discovered that the most important aspects of running a business are to be prompt, reliable, honest and efficient in all the work that you do. This has become the mantra for all employees who work with Michael.
We understand that you can't be fully satisfied with the work we've done if you aren't even sure what that work entailed. We thoroughly detail the projects we complete for you, such as roof repairs or other repairs around the home, so that you can be certain of the fact that you've received a fair price and that we adequately fixed the issue. When it comes to the drywall repair for your property, we can also provide you with comprehensive acoustic/popcorn removal services. This service is perfect for anyone in the middle of an extensive remodeling project.
If the walls within your property have received any damage, such as gouges, holes or other issues, we provide plaster repairs that will make your wall look brand new. We will also provide you with fixes for any settlement cracks you've discovered in your property. These cracks can reduce the durability of your settlement. By repairing these cracks, you can be confident that the settlement of your home will always be of high quality.
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